These are few links I have compliled. They include only a few for now, but soon the list will grow and so on. Browse away...

Kids Guide to Making Movies - Fun resource for children (or any beginner) wanting to learn more about making their own films! Big thanks to Zak for the link!

Christian Reese - Sweet animator. Doing the AnimationMentor thing. Workin it.
Erin Perry - Manga maniac. Awesome artist. Even better person.
Kyle Mohr - Good friend and animator. Worked on "Rats" with him.
Josh Burton - Director of "The Potter" Project. Great friend and animator.
Scott Englert - Old roommate and computer guru. Working at Midway.
Jon Campbell - Mr. Panoramic, Mr. Houdini, Mr. Armstrong.
Phil Kourie - Animator, Friend, and screams like a girl when I shoot him in Halo.
Matt Ornstein - Fellow SCADdie. Watch out LucasArts! Here he comes!
Nick Dubois -Animator at IBC Digital and lover of all things Doc Oc.
Tim Linklater - Awesome guy with some great links.
Rob T. Miller - This kid has a lot of drive and potential. Working at Pendulum.
David Bokser - Festival circuit king. Check out "The Old Man and the Fish".
Ryan Yokley - Animator for Rainbow Studios. Check out "Hellp!".
Matt Pennetti - Strange kid... but cool. oh yeah and he animates too.
Alex Manressa - Cool beans animator at Activision.
Aaron Abdelmaseh - Artist, Animator, All-round nice guy.
Lluis Llobera - HOOONK. Also, a sweet animator. Doing AM as well.
Matt Munn - Great guy. Again, sweet animator. Working at Sony!

Ross Scroble - One crazy crazy man. I was honored enough to get one of the infamous Scroble Scribbles.
Victor Navone - Pixar animator, check out his highlight reels and "Big Bang".
Cameron Miyasaki - Amazing, he set the bar for us younger animators.
Carlos Baena - Another Pixar animator, great animation resources.
Bobby "Boom" Beck - Former Pixar animator, Animation Mentor.
Mark Behm - Great illustrator, equally as good at animation.
Keith Lango - Inspiration to all animation students, great tutorials.
Aaron Hartline - Lead at Blue Sky. Check out his shot progressions!
Tom Saville - Very cool animator working at Blue Sky.

CGTalk - Good old CGTalk. Tons of resources and artists to meet.
CGCHAR - Awesome forum for animation feedback and news.
10 Second Club - Although I've never joined, still lots of fun.
Spline Doctors - Buddy Stephen Gregory and the Pixar gang BLOG.
Cartoon Brew - More animation tidbits and such you can't find anywhere else.
Animation Podcast - Yeah for podcasts!
Animation Magazine - I subscribe... so should you.

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