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Kung Fu Panda IS OUT!
The movie is showing in theaters now! Go see it and have a great time! If you'd like to know about a few of the shots I did for the film CLICK HERE.

"The Potter" WON AN EMMY!
We were awarded First Place in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation College Television Awards for Nontraditional Animation!

Also check out "The Potter" on the cover of "Magic of Houdini" by Will Cunningham.

"The Potter" article in 3D World magazine!
Pick up this months 3D World magazine to see the latest article on "The Potter." Or, you can just click HERE.


- 24 years old
- Love practicing magic
- Hold a Black Belt in Uechi-Ryu Karate
- Originally from Salem, NH., currently living in Burbank, CA.
- Graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA in Computer Art)

It is my goal professionally to be the best animator I can be.
It is also my goal personally to learn everything there is to know
about art, life and animation.


- Online journal of my animation process: Amedeus Clip Lip Sync
- Independent Study Project Page, click here.
- NEXT SHORT FILM "Charlie": Front 3/4 | Back 3/4 | Front | Face detail

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